- 5% - для второго члена семьи;

- 10% - для третьего члена семьи.

 -5% работникам КамАЗа


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наши вожатые  06.06.2014 00:52

Знакомьтесь, наши вожатые в летний лингвистический лагерь

Moses Uduebor 
Date of Birth : 07 April 198....
Place of Birth : Lagos, Nigeria.
Interests : Travelling, Reading,Teaching,learning,Music,exploring new things and meeting people.
Favorite Books: Educational Books, Historical Books,sometimes Novels and political books.
Favorite Writers: Don't have a choice for that, anybody can be good in writing. Depends on the message the writer is conveying in the book.
Films : I like Thriller,Crime,Action with Drama movies.Historical and Educational movies.

I would say, i am just a normal guy like anyone else,love to learn and explore, have fun and stay focus. Understanding and attentive,willing to help people within my capacity and reach. Looking forward having a Family and nice future.
Date of Birth: - July 15 1987
Place of Birth: - Lagos, Nigeria.
Favorite Books: - Things fall apart
Favorite Writer:- Chinua Achebe
Films: - Transformer 1,2 and 3.
About me:- I am a easy going person, i love to be happy and i also love seeing people happy! teaching is more of it too, my free time i love watching the news, and i love playing and watching football. i also love cooking.