- 5% - для второго члена семьи;

- 10% - для третьего члена семьи.

 -5% работникам КамАЗа


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Пожелания преподавателей

Ханзарова Алиса Мансуровна

Hey, our present or future customer, wishing to speak English as well as we do! Remember, that  you'll be the most welcome in our company and we'll do our best to satisfy your expectations as English is our cup of tea! You'll find new friends, experience wondrous feelings, open new horizons for your future prospects and simply spend your leisure time enjoyably! We love what we do because we are clearly aware that a teacher in love with his work will overcome  any obstacles but will surely  make you knowledgeable.

Most of those people who are over 30 are still under the nasty impression secondary school teachers of  English  left in their hearts. I myself suffered from the lack of expertise and proficiency of my English teacher, whose lessons left much to be desired...Having visited loads of trainings of teaching English as a second language I created an innovative method ,which combined psychology, sociology, linguistics and pedagogics. Our learners' eyes are twinkling with interest  now, learning English seems really absorbing for them!

We are looking forward to working with you  as we are sure that our method and most hospitable staff will make you pleased and grateful!!!

 Нагимова Диана Даниловна 

Reading is our helper. While reading you meet a lot of familiar words, constructions, you enlarge your vocabulary. Better start with adapted texts of your level.

Also you should listen, listen and listen. Fortunately, we have a various choice of songs and films.

Songs you can listen while doing something, for example cleaning the house. Films you can understand through the actors' acting: mime, gestures, body language. You can pause all the moments which are not quite clear and watch them again. Finally, there are English or Russian subtitles which are really useful.

Talking is the most difficult part. You shouldn't be sad that you don't have any native speaker friends to talk to. You can talk to your friends, groupmates on the phone, while going to school or even talk to yourself: tell some stories or events that happened with you today.

The main rule is your enormous wish, regular classes, learning and revising everything at home. As all we know "Practice makes perfect"

Кораблина Ольга Юрьевна

 If you want to learn English, you should obey some rules, which may help you to make the process much more effective.

First of all try to concentrate on the lessons, don't get distracted. You can miss important information and make mistakes. Forget about all your problems and work hard.

Homework plays an important role in learning foreign languages. Doing your homework helps you to understand new theme more properly. So, come to class well-prepared.

If you really want to know English well, you must study every day. Always revise the words and rules. If you are very busy, spend at least 15 minutes a day on revising vocabulary.

And of course you'd better have one copybook as a dictionary and one for rules. It will help to make the learning easier.

These very simple rules are half the battle!  Go ahead and good luck!

Салихова Самира Фиргатовна

Hi, folks

If you had decided to learn English, you would have done only the first step. If you are eager to know this language, follow some simple rules: do your homework properly, listen to your tutor carefully, ask questions, use time wisely, speak English (don't ignore this rule), don't answer: "I don't know", because we don't believe this, and definitely you have to  work hard.

Your desire to speak foreign language is ours, and this coincidence will help you to achieve this goal!

Have you got the message?)

Good Luck!

Ахмеджанова  Лилия Рашидовна
  • Be positive, get pleasure from learning English.
  • Don't be upset if something is wrong. If you don't understand something, ask your teacher (don't be shy).
  • Always do your homework.
  • Watch films in English with subtitles.
  • Read adapted books in English.
  • Listen to English songs.
  • After the lesson try to learn all the new words and grammar by heart.
  • Spend half an hour a day revising English words and grammar.
  • Read the texts or words aloud at home to improve your pronunciation.
  • Make up your own examples or sentences with new words or using new grammar to memorize it.
  • Learn some tongue twisters to pronounce sounds correctly.
  • Write dictations of new words on your own and check yourself to memorize spelling of words.
  • Be active at the lesson; tell your opinion and ideas in English to make your speech better.
  • You can use stickers to learn new words. For example, stick them on different parts of furniture at home and learn new words by seeing them everyday.
  • Enjoy English and have a strong desire to learn it.